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Gary C. Bizzo has twenty years of photographic experience in both commercial and portraiture photography. An extensive marketing background includes commercial advertising and public relations. His marketing expertise has been a complementary asset to his professional photography business.

Mr. Bizzo's related experience includes marketing of international documentary videos, orchestrating publicity programs, conducting various industry workshops, and organizing media events, sponsorship on international trade missions by the federal government and corporate policy as well as strategic market development.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Bizzo, has been instrumental in identifying and analyzing product markets, developing marketing & sales organizations, developing market information systems and creating new packaging and merchandising techniques to establish market shares and growth for these products. He has designed and implemented sales & marketing programs in both the government & private sectors, and has developed major corporate advertising campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies. Some of his corporate clients have included Woodwards Stores (Visual Presentation/merchandising), William VanderZalm's 1986 election campaign (PR/Corporate identity), Holiday Inn (Brochure development), Microtel Pacific Research(Brochure development), Johnston Terminals (and 27 subsidiary companies) (PR) and several computer companies. Currently pursuing an Executive M.B.A. (Marketing) degree, Mr. Bizzo holds a B.A. in Behavioral Psychology and has conducted advanced work in law & management theory.