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Commercial Photography • Design & Print Production • Internet Development

Bizzo Photography & Design is a Full Service, One-Stop Photography, Print and Internet Production business incorporating normal, medium and large format cameras with the latest in digital imaging and computer equipment. Keeping in step with new developments in films, equipment, programs and computers gives us a proactive approach to advertising whether we are shooting photographs, producing brochures or building websites.


We at Bizzo Photography & Design are commercial photographers able to photograph, design, layout and execute the most complex jobs in the industry. From Executive Portraiture to Fashion, Table Top Product work to Low Altitude Blimp Photography we can give you fast, efficient service at a fraction of the cost of an Advertising Agency offering the same services.

Bizzo Photography & Design has acquired a distinct and respectable client base over the last 20 years in business. From Rock Stars to Cars; from World Leaders to Tibetan Holy Men; from Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop operations, everyone should be able to afford quality photography



British Columbia

Tel: (604) 515-7436