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A Perfume Bottle for Ridgewood Equestrian Products, a classic bottle in a series of unique designs, photographed on 4x5 transparency film in our Vancouver studio

We utilize the latest Macintosh computer equipment and photograph on cameras from Nikon 35mm size, Hasselblad medium format (120 mm), Cambo 4x5 rail systems to Nikon Digital D1 6mb to bring you a 'shoot' that fits into every budget and quality requirements.

The choice of camera formats dictates the final cost for obvious reasons. The grab and shoot 35mm Nikons are a lot easier to handle than the 1.5 hours it takes to just set up the Cambo 4x5 camera.

For general purpose product we use the medium format with the larger size negative relegated to scenarios where quality is required and budgets reflect the extra care needed.

By the way, all of our work is guaranteed!


Tanzi is the Canadian Champion Lhasa Apso, owned by Kendall Brooks of Vancouver, on medium format  camera.

The unveiling of the 1998, Volkswagen Beetle

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